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The End of the World

Lack of Resources

Lack of Resources
Sun Burning Out
Gamma-Ray Bursts
Rogue Black Holes
Global Epidemic


One way in which the world will end is the shortage of natural resources. Each year our forests and jungles are being chopped down to provide us with daily products like paper. The population of the world is growing and so is the demand for wood based products, yet our forests and jungles are being cut down. Eventually the demand will be so high that we will cut down forests faster then they can grow back. Our trees that provide us with oxygen are going to become rare to see and the world will be struggling to recreate an oxygen filled enviorment or Earth will no longer be a home for humans and animals. We will strive to preserve whats left of the forests to keep oxygen which we need to survive, and at some point we might fail.
Water shortage or pollution is another problem that we face currently and will definetly encounter in the future. Water is our most precious natural resource and covers seventy percent of the globe. We also need water to survive it is responsible for growth and development of the Earth. Yet, we are polluting our rivers and lakes. With polluted water our plants will not grow and we once again face the problem of not having oxygen from the plants. Parts of the world also face water shortages, in fifty years half the world will be facing these shortages. About forty percent of the world does not have proper sanitation and lack clean water. If nothing is done to create proper sanitation the world will begin to lose all safe water and end with no plants or living organisms on its surface.


Created by Maciej Kadlubowski