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The End of the World

Sun Burning Out

Lack of Resources
Sun Burning Out
Gamma-Ray Bursts
Rogue Black Holes
Global Epidemic


In about 4 billion years from now the sun will burn out.  Seventy Five percent of the sun is hydrogen and the other twenty five percent is helium. The way the sun works is hydrogen atoms are fusing together to make helium atoms and this nuclear reaction produces heat, and light making the sun. At some point the Sun will run out of hydrogen at its center and begin to burn helium thats when the Sun will become a hundred times bigger and eventually the Earth will unavoidably end.
The Sun will at first expand to a point where it will orbit the Earth. It will cause the oceans to vaporize and cover the surface of Earth with molten rock. Fire will cover the Earth and all life will be eradicated. If the Earth survives the Suns expansion without being engulfed in flames and destroyed like the first three inner planets then it will most likely become covered with ice. When the Sun shrinks to the size of about half the Earth and will give off barely any heat or light freezing the remaining planets and putting our universe into eternal darkness. As our once bright universe revolves around a white dwarf that dimly glows in the distance.


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