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Markets & Guilds
Serfs vs. Lords
Life on a Manor

In the medieval ages a man at the age of 40 was considered lucky for having such a long life. A man at the age of 60 was considered someone who was close to God due to his luck.

Medieval Medicine consisted of herbs, and potions.

Noble Death
A noble's death


Living conditions were hard, the poor lived in tiny houses alongside insects and small animals.Their roofs were straw and wood and they had no plumbing so their waste was often deposited into a pot and thrown away near the house. This often made germs which got into food and water.There was no clean water source every time someone drank water they were taking a risk. Another big issue was the lack of heating, during winters many people were fighting for their lives, burning anything that made fire in order to stay warm. The winters made it difficult to acquire food making people weak and cold, defenceless against diseases. Food was another cause for disease it was difficult to store and often problems with storing food such as grain brought serious diseases. With these conditions and lack of any medicine there is no question as to why people's life spans were cut in half from present days.

Created by Maciej Kadluboski and Anubhav Sodhi
Mr.Berger's 8th Period Class
Grover Middle School Team 8D
Medieval Museum
March 2, 2006

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