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Serfs vs. Lords

Markets & Guilds
Serfs vs. Lords
Life on a Manor

The serfs lived in tiny houses filled with dirt and insects. They had roofs which kept out the rain but were perfect homes for rodents. They had no warmth during winters except for small fires and usually lived with more then two other people making it very crowded.
The nobles lived in great manors, with a large landscape around them for farming. The manors were large and comfortable, unless you were a serf who worked at the manor and had once again no warmth or comfort. The manors were all great works of architecture and design.
The poor had little entertainment in their lives, the only type they knew was eating and going to the market to see all types of new things like spices or jewelry. The markets also had various forms of entertainment such as fire breathers, jugglers, and various plays.
The rich lived with lots of entertainment. They went to jousting tournaments as did the poor, but the nobles could participate.
Each day the nobles could have grand feasts, or go hunting unlike the serfs who lacked time, and hunted for food not pleasure. The rich were able to visit great places such as cathedrals or castles, and journey great distances on boat or horse.
Farming, cooking, and cleaning were the only jobs that were performed by serfs. They woke up each day to tend the fields and if they were lucky they could cook for their noble lords. They were unable to change their work because they depended on the nobles. As did the nobles on them.
The nobles work was to either train their fighting skills or to recruit knights for the king. This was the nobles duty to create an army for the king in return for land. They had to fight the wars when needed and they had to serve with pure loyalty.
Neither the serfs or the nobles had easy jobs but that was medieval living.
Rags, and old ripped shirts were the classic serf forms of clothing. They wore what they could find, and what they could find wasn't much. It was uncommon for serfs to buy clothes and the only ones that had better forms of clothing were the manor serfs who cooked and cleaned.
The rich wore things that were colorful. The color represented their wealth. Color was hard to come by and bright colors were usually worn by nobles. They sometimes made silk clothing which was very valuable since it came from Asia and other distant lands. They also wore items with fur and sometimes hints of gold on buttons or other details to truly prove their wealth.

Mr.Berger's 8th Period Class

Created by Maciej Kadluboski and Anubhav Sodhi
Mr.Berger's 8th Period Class
Grover Middle School Team 8D
Medieval Museum
March 2, 2006

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