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Medieval Life

Markets & Guilds
Serfs vs. Lords
Life on a Manor

An average medieval town, with plenty of churches and a grand cathedral.

Life in the Middle Ages

The Medieval Ages were a time of plague, warfare, and innovation. Life was harsh yet simple it consisted of work and play. Each and every day people got up from their cots, and grabbed a rake, quickly walked to the manor fields and worked.
On sundays they could get lucky and go to the market, where they would buy goods, trade, and be part of the entertainment.Those that were rich  were busy serving the king, and recruiting knights for his service. Life was in all ways
simple, and plain. You slept, got up early to work, you ate, slept, and on occasion had a feast or celebration.Throughout this site you will be shown aspects of life and architecture in the Medieval Ages and the hardships of a seemingly simple life.


Created by Maciej Kadluboski and Anubhav Sodhi
Mr.Berger's 8th Period Class
Grover Middle School Team 8D
Medieval Museum
March 2, 2006

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