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Markets & Guilds
Serfs vs. Lords
Life on a Manor


Life in the medieval ages was rather organized, everyone had a specific job and a specific duty. They all served one another, the king gave land to the nobles which granted protection to the serfs who worked this land. The Nobles were responsible for building the kings army and castles, this was what was known as feudalism. The Feudalism was a system of goverment that was strong yet without one group powerless. It during its
time was very effective but as events such as the Crusades and Black Death came it grew weak and crumbled. The Manors lost their power because the serfs no longer wanted to work for protection but for their own wealth. The Kings had not much power left either due to lots of the nobles their nobles dying and losing their armies alongside their influence. But instead a more equal goverment was established, where each group had influence either commoner or merchant. The merchants were the only ones who did not lose during the fall of feudalism but gained lots of new good from the crusades and power in goverment as did the commoners, the fall of feudalism wasn't a bad thing on the contrary it was good it brought forth a strong goverment and led to things like the renaisance and our goverment today.

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Created By Maciej Kadlubowski
8D S.S.

Created by Maciej Kadluboski and Anubhav Sodhi
Mr.Berger's 8th Period Class
Grover Middle School Team 8D
Medieval Museum
March 2, 2006

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