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Life on a Manor

Markets & Guilds
Serfs vs. Lords
Life on a Manor


Every person in the feudal system belonged to a medieval community  called a manor. Every day each person went out and did their specific job. The nobles who ran the manor were responsible for recruting knights for the king in exchange for landgrants. The whole manor was filled with work the lowest class was the serfs the men or women resposible for working the land and doing all jobs unsutible for the nobles like cooking, cleaning, and building.On a normal manor 15-30 families were required to support one noble family. The serfs didn't work for money, they didn't work for anything but food and protection. The world outside of a manor was harsh for a peasent, it would be hard to get food and even harder to get any money for all other necesities.  But the manors still worked in an effective routine. They were a sign of obvious wealth and lords spent their time and money proving their manors to show off wealth and power.

Each manor was usually a form of a castle, however this castle was not built for defence, each manor had surrounding farm land. The manors consisted of four parts; meadow land, arable land, waste land, and the village.  The village usually had a church or place of worship. The meadow land was used to feed animals during the winter and other seasons, while the waste land fed animals in the summer however lots of cattle ususally died during the winter anyway. The arable land was the basic farming land that followed field rotation that was the most common form of farming the fields. While the serfs farmed the nobles lived in their comfortable rooms. Manors had many rooms but the most comfortable and luxorious were the noble sleeping quarters, usually the only warm places in the whole manor during a winter. The other parts of the manors were like a castle cold and uncomfortable.  The serfs slept on the ground half freezing. The manor house was architecturaly advanced and took long years to build. Unlike the serfs who lived in small cottages with thatch roofs. The gaps between rich and poor were quite big and yet they led us to the lives we have today through all the harships of medieval life.

A Manor

Created by Maciej Kadluboski and Anubhav Sodhi
Mr.Berger's 8th Period Class
Grover Middle School Team 8D
Medieval Museum
March 2, 2006

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